3M™ CS-195+ Composite Sheet

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 3M Fire Barrier CS-195+ Composite Sheet is a one-part composite system comprised of four components. The heart of the system is an organic/ inorganic, fire-resistive elastomeric sheet. It is bonded on one side to a layer of 30 gauge galvanized steel. The other side is reinforced with hexagonal shaped steel-wire mesh and covered with aluminum foil. CS-195+ Composite Sheet is designed to seal larger penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors. It is also used for shielding cable trays and conduit, HVAC ductwork and vital process equipment from radiant heat, flame spread and smoke. CS-195+ Composite Sheet functions as an effective intermittent fire-break within horizontal and vertical cable tray runs, and is excellent for both new and retrofit construction. 

The nominal 7.62 mm (0.3) thick composite sheet systems provide up to 4-hour fire ratings. It is lightweight and can be easily installed with common trade tools. 

When exposed to temperatures in excess of 121˚C (250˚F), the fire-resistive sheet begins to volumetrically expand and swells 8-10 times its original size, forming a high strength, hard char that retards heat transmission. This expansion process is called ‘intumescence.’ 

Under normal operating conditions, CS-195+ Composite Sheet is a good thermal conductor which allows unwanted heat build-up to escape from process and control equipment and also minimizes power cable derating. 

Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+

 CS-195+ Composite Sheet  Features 

 • Intumesces (expands with heat) to form a hard char that tightly seals penetrations against flame spread, smoke and toxic fumes 

• Multiple applications – through penetration firestop, heat shield and firebreak protection 

• Easy to install using common trade tools 

• Lightweight – easy to handle, cut and form to desired shape 

• Easy to fasten – bolt punch or drill through. Use self-tapping screws or anchor bolts 

• Thermally conductive – allows unwanted heat build-up to escape 

• Non-flame supporting 

• Cost effective, high performance versus installed cost 

• No mixing or damming – is clean to install 

• Versatile: can be cut to fit irregular shapes 

• Re-enterable 

• Low odor 

• Tested in accordance with AS1530.4, EN1366 and ASTM E814 (UL Listed).


3M Fire Barrier CS-195+ Composite Sheet remains stable for an indefinite period of time. CS-195+ Composite Sheet should be stored in the original shipping container until used. The materials are non-impaired by freezing or storage at temperatures up to 86˚C (187˚F). 

Installation Techniques

1. For drywall constructions, add metal framing to the top and bottom of the opening. If metal studs are used, the top (flat) surface should be facing toward and flush with the opening, and the channel of the stud should be facing into the wall cavity. 

2. Wrap cables and metal pipes with a single layer of 3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+ Pad for the full depth of the seal. 

3. Install 3M Fire Barrier FS-195+ Wrap/Strip around cables and metal pipes on both sides of the fire seal. Use steel wire to hold the FS-195+ Wrap/Strip in place. 

4. Use cardboard, marking pencils and scissors to make templates of the exact size and shape of CS-195+ Composite Sheet pieces. Ensure that a 50mm overlap is allowed around the sides of the opening. The template will generally need to be made in at least two pieces. Plan the size of the first piece so only one piece requires contour cuts. The fewer pieces that need contour cuts, the quicker the installation will be. 

5. Use a jigsaw to cut the CS-195+ Composite Sheet to the cardboard template. 

6. Run a bead of 3M CP 25WB+ Sealant around the opening within 50mm of the edge. 

7. Secure the CS-195+ Composite Sheet into place using 6mm steel fasteners with washers placed with 150mm spacing around the opening. Ensure that there is at least 50mm overlap around the opening. 

8. Use 40mm wide steel sheet metal strips and sheet metal screws to cover the CS-195+ Composite Sheet seams. 

9. Apply Fire Barrier CP 25WB+ Sealant around the cable tray and fill spaces between CS-195+ Composite Sheet and FS-195+ Wrap/Strip. Also, cover edges of the Wrap/Strip and fill any spaces that smoke would likely penetrate. 


CS-195+ installation technique
CS-195+ composite sheet

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