3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape

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3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape (500 x 500 px)
3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape
  • 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape is a self-adhered membrane that provides a tough, elastomeric coating. 
  • This product has a unique pressure-sensitive adhesive that aggressively sticks and stays stuck to a wide variety of substrates at both high and low temperatures and will even adhere to damp surfaces. 
  • This material is used to firestop perimeter joints (curtain wall), construction joints, and through penetration openings. 
  • 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape, when installed properly, will act as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission, while helping to control the transmission of fire, heat, and smoke before, during, and after exposure to fire. 

The Features of Fire and Water Barrier Tape

  • Up to 4-hour fire protection in construction joints per ASTM E1966 (UL 2079) and CAN/ULC-S115 
  • Up to 3-hour fire protection in perimeter joints per ASTM E2307 
  • Up to 2-hour fire protection in through-penetration applications per ASTM E814 (UL 1479) and CAN/ULC-S115 
  • Elastic material maintains performance with up to ± 50% movement capabilities 
  • Meets UL Water Leakage Test, W-Rating – Class 1 requirements
  • Paintable – recommended to test on a sample or in a discrete location to ensure compatibility 
  • Broad range of applications (extensive portfolio of tested and listed building and perimeter joint systems) 
  • High tack adhesive sticks and stays stuck to most common building materials – exceeds the AAMA 711 minimum for adhesion in peel 
  • Can be installed in temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C) and as high as 150°F (65°C) 
  • Unique adhesive even adheres to damp surfaces

Fire and Water Barrier Tape Application

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape is ideal for sealing perimeter joints (curtain walls) and construction joints, as well as some through penetration applications. Recommended for firestopping areas that require a watertight seal and large coverage


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