3M™ FireDam™ Spray 200

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Ideal for sealing building joints, penetration seals, and perimeter joints between fire-rated floors (concrete, fireproofed fluted steel decks) and fire-rated walls (gypsum, concrete). Applied as a 1/8 inch (3mm) thick coating with an airless sprayer, this water-based coating dries in ambient conditions to form a flexible seal with compression/extension of up to +/- 50% of nominal joint width.

  • Dries quickly to dark gray or red 
  • Less waste – color makes coverage easy to see which helps prevent re-spraying or over-spraying 
  • Consistent spray patterns 
  • STC rating 56, when installed in a 56 STC, rated wall assembly
  • Sag resistant for vertical applications 
  • Applied with conventional airless sprayers
  • High elasticity/movement capability
  • Superior adhesion to most construction materials 
  • Cleans easily with water – no solvents required 
  • Paintable when cured 
  • Meets IBC requirements for firestopping of construction joints, perimeter joints, and through penetrations

FireDam Spray 200 – Effective Fire Protection in a Flexible, Durable Coating

Formulated for flexibility that stays where it’s sprayed, our 3M™ FireDam™ Spray 200 controls the transmission of fire, heat, smoke, and noxious gasses before, during, and after exposure to fire. It provides up to 4-hour fire protection in construction joints per ASTM E 1966 (UL 2079) and up to 2-hour protection for through penetration systems per ASTM E 814 (UL 1479) & CAN/ULC-S115. It also provides up to 3-hour fire protection in perimeter fire barrier systems (curtain walls) in accordance with ASTM E 2307. This firestop coating is Ideal for sealing building joints, penetration seals, and perimeter joints between fire-rated floors and fire-rated walls. It also minimizes noise transfer (STC Rating of 56 when tested in an STC 56-rated wall assembly).

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FireDam Spray 200 – Recommended Application

  • Floor to floor joints
  • Perimeter joints (curtain walls)
  • Head-of-wall joints

Reliable and Affordable Fire Protection

Effective and easy to install, 3M™ FireDam™ Spray 200 is part of our family of fire protection products that offer the broadest, long-lasting solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. As a trusted leader in the fire protection industry, 3M offers a broad line of affordable products designed to meet the most demanding firestop requirements. Find the solution you need from the industry-preferred line of fire protection products.

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