The digital assistant for all your electrification needs

ABB Connect helps you to find product information and stay connected to the latest news and tools. It’s a digital assistant that enables customers to connect to the broadest range of electrification solutions in one place.

ABB Connect was first introduced in 2015, and with a dedicated project team has gone from strength to strength. In its current form, ABB Connect offers ours sales teams, distributors and customers instant access to the entire EP portfolio, with more ABB offerings coming with each new release, enabling users to stay updated with the latest news in a single interface.


1. ABB Connect is great on tablets and smartphones.

ABB Connect doesn’t fall into that camp – having been designed from the ground up to accommodate mobile and tablets, it gives a rich user experience. The UI is slick and responsive, whilst remaining true to the ABB brand.

2. ABB Connect is fast. Really fast.

Simply open up the app on your tablet and you’ll breeze through it in no time. It’s also an active portal to dive into the latest news and events – without having to leave the app environment and move between different sections of ABB.com.

3. ABB Connect is actively maintained

The ABB Connect you install today has been shaped by user’s feedback, and it’ll continue to evolve to better serve our customers with each new release.

In summary, the above are just 3 areas that stood out to me from using ABB Connect, there are many more which support our digital-first approach to doing business and serving the needs of our users. ABB Connect is available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 users.








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