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Energy Meters _ ABB

Information is the key

Energy consumption awareness is key to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency on your machines and electrical assets. Energy meters allow to identify areas for improvement and to generate benefits for owners, facility managers and users. They enable to run smarter buildings in a more energy and cost efficient manner.

With Energy Meters you can also split the bill received from the utility within different household thanks to the MID certification.

Sub-metering provides a detailed picture of the energy consumption and the specific areas where energy is used.

ABB Energy Meters have the following instrumentation values as a minimum:

  • Active power
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power factor

Discover the full range of ABB products designed to monitor energy consumption and energy costs in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Main Benefits

Wide operating conditions:

  • -25° and +70° for C series
  • -40° and +70° for B and A Series
  • B21/B23 112-100 can work without derating at 4.000 meter altitude (AC Voltage test)

Environmental Classification to MID:

  • M2 for Mechanical environment
  • E2 for Electromagnetic sification environment

New versions can be integrated into ABB Ability EDCS thanks to plug & play technology.

Mbus and Modbus communication protocols are available

A vast offer of functionalities, such as:

  • Apparent Energy Measurement
  • Tariff Control, Import / Export energy…and many more!

ABB Energy Meters meet different international standards :

  • MID Approval
  • IEC Approval for Worldwide
  • GOST standards for Russia
  • METAS certification on Reactive energy for Switzerland

Product Range

The A-series : 

  • Is an advanced meter product range for installations up to 80 A direct connected or transformer connected both for current and voltage (CT/VT).

The B series :

  • Is a basic meter product range for installations up to 65 A direct connected or transformer connected (CT).

The C series : 

  • Are products, without communication, intended for stand-alone energy measurement up to 40 A direct connected.

Steel : 

  • Active Energy
  • Class 1
  • Pulse Output
  • Alarm

Bronze (Steel +) : 

  • Reactive Energy
  • Apparent Energy
  • Import / Export Energy
  • Alarm

Sliver (Bronze + ) : 

  • Class 0.5 or 1
  • Resettable Energy Register
  • Tariffs
  • Fixed I/O

Gold (Silver + ) : 

  • Clock Functions
    • Tariff control
    • Previous values
    • Max / Min Demand
    • Event Log

Platinum (Gold ) : 

  • Harmonics
  • Configurable I/O
  • Advanced Clock Functions
    • Load Profiles

G13  enables easy reading of meter values through a web-server function that makes it easy to do the meter settings from your desk. It has a well-proven and easy-to-understand API for fast system integration and a high communication speed for minimal response time even for large data quantities.

With The Front Mounting Kit, it is possible to install Energy Meters in the panel board

Removing the need for voltage transformers the A44 690 V meters are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including the processing industry, mining, docks and harbor management, wind turbines, water and waste water management.

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