Acti 9 Miniature Circuit Breakers – MCBs

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Acti 9 stands for Advanced Communication Technology that Inspires . Acti 9 helps you meet developing energy efficiency and environmental certifications or requirements, now and in the future. It minuses impact from design stage, through the installation’s lifetime of use and eventual recycling. Though both design and technology, Acti 9 provides you with the key combination of less impact and more efficiency necessary for the environment today.

5 generations of industry experience and 22 new patents make Acti 9 the new reference in low-voltage modular system


Schneider leveraged five generations of low-voltage expertise to design a precise, high-quality modular system without compromise. Acti 9™ offers the fastest, most flexible installation experience and completely eliminates safety concerns during maintenance and operation. Engineered to adapt to the most challenging networks and environments whilst remaining cost-effective over time, it is the most flexible, coordinated, comprehensive and innovative range of low-voltage modular devices available.

A new generation of distribution boards complements the Acti 9 offer, based on the design of the proven Isobar range with added features for increased safety and measurement. Acti 9 Isobar incorporates more cable space and an interlock to prevent inadvertent operation of the Isobar switch disconnector unless an outgoing device is installed


Features of Acti 9 –  the safest, simplest and most efficient system for power distribution solutions.


Safety matters most and Acti 9 Isobar gives you, your customers and their installations the highest level of protection available. It guarantees 100 per cent safe operation and maintenance for you and your customers. Its international certifications and numerous protection innovations allow Acti 9 to exceed even the most demanding requirements to give you total safety during maintenance, for the lifetime of your installation

Delivers complete industry-approved protection.  Acti 9 is fully tested, approved and certified by national and international third parties. It guarantees that your installation is safe and compliant with all relevant safety standards and demonstrates to your customers that you use industry-approved materials and best practices.

Guarantees total safety during maintenance


VisiSafe™ guarantees the downstream circuit is always safe, regardless of overvoltage conditions, wear or operator experience, even in the most demanding environments.

The green strip indicates the safe position of contacts. Unique safety features:

  • Highest impulse voltage withstand: Uimp = 6 kV
  • Guarantees longer equipment service life despite overvoltage conditions
  • Highest pollution resistance among modular devices: Pollution Degree level 3
  • A true ‘all-terrain’ product ideally suited for all environments
  • Leading edge insulation voltage: 500 V
  • Complete safety for operators manoeuvring the operating handle
Promise absolute protection against electric shocks

Class 2 front face.

Acti 9 circuit breaker is the only device available with this level of safety. Clearances between breaker surfaces and internal parts are more than double the industry standard. It guarantees risk-free handling during the life of the installation, regardless of environment or operator experience.

Guarantees long life service

Fast closing mechanism

Fast closure of all Acti 9 MCBs and RCCBs limits wear and reduces voltage drops, helping to prevent premature equipment aging and overheating.


Simple and Smart

The right solution for every application
  • Acti 9 simplifies final distribution operations in buildings and industrial facilities, giving you the right solution with the right technical characteristics for every application.
  • As new installation standards emerge or building requirements are modified, Acti 9 can easily scale to meet your needs. It’s a flexible, open system with all-in-one, integrated components which can communicate with any building management system.
Easy to design and choose
  • Meets two certifications – Acti 9 miniature circuit breakers comply with IEC/EN 947 (industrial) and IEC/EN 898 (tertiary) standards – two certifications in one product – making it perfect for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Supports intuitive ordering and design – Meaningful part numbers mean no mistakes and no doubts when ordering or designing. Get the product type, poles and rating in one glance.

A9XXX225 = 2P, 25A


Designed to minimise downtime and avoid nuisance trips

With features like VisiTrip, super immunisation of RCDs (SI) and ARA automatic recloser auxiliary, Acti 9 system allows easier building management, reduces downtime and makes your business more competitive limiting intervention costs on distant infrastructures sites.

Less downtime, more continuity of service

VisiTrip minimises downtime and reduces repair times. Identify faults in one glance and you will easily see the operating status of your network. VisiTrip™ indicates only the faulty outgoer, allowing fast diagnosis, resolution and reclosing loads for easier building management and reduced downtime


No need for on-site intervention

Acti 9 introduces a new automatic recloser auxiliary (ARA iC60) designed to limit the cost of intervention on faraway infrastructure sites. There’s no need to have permanent on-site teams responding to transient faults, limiting distant site intervention costs.

Prevents unnecessary trips

Super immunisation (SI) of the RCDs guarantees the highest continuity of service and electrical immunity, especially where switchgear contends with electromagnetic or chemical interference. It also meets the high continuity of service requirements in all critical power applications (hospitals, data centres, telecoms and tunnels).


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