Acti 9K usually use for for residential and commercial building, while Acti 9 is used for all kind of industries use – marine, building, industrial etc.


IS/IEC 60898-1 IEC/EN 60898-1

  • K60H Biconnect circuit breakers are circuit breakers which combine the following functions:

+ Circuit protection against short circuit currents

+ Circuit protection against overload currents

+ Disconnection, opening, and closing

Acti 9K – Residual Current Circuit Breakers

IS 12640 (Part 1) IEC/EN 61008-1

  • The ID K Biconnect residual current circuit breakers offer the following functions:

+ Protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (30 mA)

+Protection of persons against electric shock by indirect contact t (100 mA)

+Protection of installations against the risks of fire (300 mA)


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