Air Clean Components

Advanced Clean-Monitoring for the Manufacturing Field 

Is clean air with a filter enough to maintain a clean environment? Clean measures are not perfect unless they are tied to quality. Localized Continuous Clean-Monitoring Systems provide many ways to improve quality and enable perfect reporting of production process monitoring


Ionized clean environments

  • An Ionizer is needed to remove dust attached to particles by static electricity. It provides a new style for discharging and dust removal, with the first Ionizers in the industry that can be combined with Air Clean Units.

Continuous sensing of particles

  • The particle volume inside booths is constantly sensed by an Air Particle Sensor. Optimum clean environments are maintained by controlling air volume based on particle volume — from rapid ventilation to energy-conserving gradational air volume control.

Total Sensing for Clean Booths 

  • It provides the optimum clean environment with constant monitoring of continuously changing production environments. Sensing and control with up to 9 Air Clean Units. The degree of cleanliness in each production stage can be controlled in relation to the quality


Electronic Component Production 

  • Processes Multi-Clean Control

Cell Production Processes 

  • Direct Clean Control

Storage and Test Environments 

  • Storage of Precision and Optical Components