About Coreenium


ElectGo is the authorized online distributor for Coreenium products. We offer a comprehensive range of industrial products and also offer the convenience and reliability of shopping online with fast delivery and support. You are now able to enquire and buy Coreenium products online anytime, anywhere.

We provide an assortment of enclosures to the mass market. Coreenium ranges from double/inner door, stainless steel to IP 66, and other pairable accessories. Over the years, companies of various manufacturing and industrial segments used Coreenium industrial enclosures for mega projects. By doing this, these enclosures help to protect and prevent ingress of environmental contaminants which help extend the lifespan of their equipment. With our subsidiary company, LKH Precicon, we are constantly developing and transforming our enclosures into a much reliable and brand-safe product to use in the market.

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