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In order to prevent disruption and damage to personnel and equipment during the event of a short circuit, cable cleats can be installed along the interval of the cables to restrain them when short circuit occurs. However, according to a March 2020 survey by Panduit and EC&M, the majority of electrical engineers and electrical contractors are struggling to collectively understand the full benefits of cable management in electrical design, short circuit calculations aren’t being performed, and proper cable management solutions aren’t being specified.

The result is that nearly half of the survey’s engineer respondents (48 percent) indicate that cable cleats currently protect none of the power cable they specify. Only 44 percent of electrical contractor respondents specify cable cleats’ use on their power cable designs and puts the safety, productivity, ROI, and future scalability of entire projects at risk.

This is because there are various considerations to ensure that the correct specification of a cable cleat is made properly. This will differ from site to site and include material type, ambient conditions, extreme temperatures, corrosive and aggressive atmospheres. The above-mentioned aspects are covered by the IEC 61914:2009 standard but also a cleat manufacturer will have data sheets to prove compliance to most situations. However, specification of the correct cable cleats in regard to a short circuit fault withstand rating can be difficult and require manual calculations that contain multiple variables such as:

  • Cable Diameter
  • Cleat Installation Spacing
  • Peak Short Circuit rating

As a result, this necessary but time consuming job of manual calculations result in many engineers not specifying cable cleats in parts, further resulting in many of the cable cleats installed protect none of the power cable they specify, and fail to restrain them in the event of short circuit, causing damage and disruption to personnel and equipment.

 Panduit Has Introduced kAlculator Web and Mobile Application

To assist design engineers in specifying the correct cleat and spacing, Panduit has developed their own Cable Cleat kAlculator web application and mobile app. It allows the user to input information such as cable layout, cable diameter and peak fault level. Based upon the results of independent laboratory short circuit testing, the Cable Cleat kAlculator will suggest a cleat type from over 60 Panduit Cable Cleat products such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Polymer, and recommend the correct cleat spacing. If there is more than one option to match the enquiry the app will offer a choice and the user can assess the benefits of each option. Results can also be saved on the device and emailed.

Cable Cleat kAlculator Web Application
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