Cable Clips / Clamps 

Cable clips/clamps come in different shapes and sizes that will ensure your cables are neatly organized. It is useful when you have messy cables lying around, suitable for commercial and residential usage. Depending on your requirements, we have clips/clamps for industrial usage as well.  

Clips are generally smaller in size and use for home and office purposes. Most of the clips are lightweight as they are made of plastics to bring convenience when fixing small and thinner cables. Clamps, on the other hand, are mainly for industrial usage as it requires screws, hammering and drilling of it. 

Depending on your requirements, we offer a variety of clips/clamps for different applications. 


Types of Cable Clips / Clamps

Discover the full range of cable clips/clamps available 

Adhesive-backed latching wire clip

Adhesive-backed latching wire clips

Designed to contain a range of cable bundle diameters. The latch can then be released after the initial installation to provide access to the cable bundles.

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Latching flat-ribbon cable mount

Latching flat-ribbon cable mount  

The convenient releasable latch allows you to reconfigure and reuse multiple times. The rubber-based adhesive provides a strong and reliable bond and the large mounting base allows for high bond strength.

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Adhesive-backed cord clip

Adhesive-backed cord clips 

The rubber-based adhesive-backed cord clip allows you to secure cords and cable or wire bundles easily by simply snapping them in or out of the clip.

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