Cable Glands

Cable glands, also known as strain reliefs, are commonly used for cable installation that attaches into equipment to ensure secure sealing and provide resistance and protection to the cable components from any external factors. Cable glands can be used on all types of applications such as electrical power, data, and telecommunication cables. 

Our range offers high-specification protective cable glands suitable for harsh conditions, including high or extreme temperature ranges, oil and UV exposure, food & beverage use or highly corrosive environments. Solutions are also readily available for a broad range of general-purpose uses.

High-quality cable glands can help extend the life of electrical systems in a food and beverage plant’s challenging environments while reducing system changeover and downtimes. With high ingress protection ratings and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, cable glands can withstand a plant’s toughest challenges, even in areas that require frequent washdowns.

Products that are particularly attractive to food and beverage processors include the NSF-approved FSCG stainless steel gland series, allowing the safe termination of cables into equipment, and the NSF-approved FSEM stainless steel EMC gland series, where grounding continuity for a shielded cable is required.


Suitable for rail vehicle and infrastructure usage. This range of cable glands can be installed anywhere where low smoke and toxicity combined with wide temperature characteristics, versatile cable clamping and resistance to oils and chemicals may be required.

Our systems perform in a wide variety of environments from high temperature to freezing subzero conditions, as well as withstanding constant vibrations, water ingress, offer corrosion resistance. They are also available in halogen-free, low smoke, and low toxicity materials. If your project involves rail stations, infrastructure, signaling, tunnels, surveillance, or data and information systems, our experience can help you.


Whether it is data cables from a gas detector or the cable protection on a power transmission unit, hazardous area cable glands are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of rigorous and arduous operating environments in addition to ATEX and IECEx standards.

Suitable for use with a range of cable types on applications such as:

  • Skids
  • Control boxes
  • Motors
  • Lighting


Cable glands provide sealed entry into enclosures, motors, panels or any other device, limiting the ingress of water and dust. Regardless of the configuration, we provide high-quality standards that help to extend system life and minimize downtime.

Available in stainless steel, nickel-plated brass, aluminum or nylon, our cable glands are available in a variety of thread types, shapes and hole configurations. Self-grounding varieties are available, along with a full array of accessories.