Cable Ties Supplier Based In Singapore

If you are looking for a cable ties supplier based in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place! At Electgo, we offer a huge range of cable ties in Singapore ranging from Dome Top Barb TY Cable Ties, Super-Grip Cable-Ties, Sta-Strap Cable Ties and Self-Locking Cable Ties..

Cable ties come in different sizes, colors, and materials for different applications. Being low in cost, cable ties can be commonly found in most applications that require bundling a bunch of cables or wires togeth

Depending on the usage and the way the cable tie has been tightened, it can be cut off or reused. 

How to use a cable tie

  1. Insert the tip with the teeth / jagged part into the head of the cable tie. 
  2. The teeth of the cable tie will be lock while you pull the cable tie towards the head
  3. If the tie did not manage to lock, re-do and turn over the cable tie to its right direction
  4. If you do not intend to re-use the tie, you may cut off the end for a neater look. 

Examples of different cable ties

  • Coloured cable ties are mainly used for identifying cable groups. 
  • Marker ties can be written on to identify what the cable tie is holding on for. 
  • Releasable cable ties are on a pricey end as compared to the normal ones as it can be re-used multiple times. 

Types of Cable Ties

Discover the full range of cable ties available. 

Dome Top Barb TY Cable Ties

Dome Top Barb TY Cable Tie

Two-piece design incorporates a stainless steel locking barb in a nylon cable tie.

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Super-Grip cable-ties

Super-Grip Cable-Tie

Withstand rough installations

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Sta-Strap cable Ties

Sta-Strap cable Tie

Two-piece design, low thread force, lightweight

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Self-Locking Cable Ties

Self-Locking Cable Tie

Locking Cable Ties are designed to satisfy the needs of general applications, while delivering consistent performance and reliability.

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Pan-Ty ® Cable Ties

Pan-Ty ® Cable Tie

Most comprehensive product offering. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cable Ties In Singapore

What Are Cable Ties Used For?

They are fasteners to bundle cables and wires together so that they are organized and keeps the area neat and tidy.

How Long Do Cable Ties Last?

Cable ties can last between 12 to 15 years. This also depends on the temperature of the environment and flammability ratings of the cable ties.

Can You Tie Cable Ties Together?

It is possible to tie cable ties together in both the hook-tying cable tie method or a clove hitch knot.

What Types Of Cable Ties Should I Use To Bunch The Wires?

It depends on the application. In general, nylon cable ties are used for indoor applications. Black cable tie are used for outdoor applications. We also provide special material cable ties for different applications.

How To Decide On The Length And Width Of The Cable Tie?

Based on your Bunching Diameter and Load.

Are Stainless Steel Cable Ties Safe Around Electricity?

Cable ties made from SS201, SS304 & SS316 grades of stainless steel are designed for harsh, corrosive and salt water environments. They can be used for low voltage applications but caution is recommended for high voltage applications.