Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fans

These fans are installed in the ceiling connected with ductwork, by which indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Since they are mainly mounted inside the ceiling, the interior is not damaged. 

Quiet Operation

These fans adopt the distinctive design of “Resonance-Noise Absorption Structure”. It can minimize the transmission of noise from the blower to the exterior, reduce the operation noise to ‘incredibly low levels’ and accordingly create a tranquil and silent environment for you. By the ‘Double Orifice’ structure, noise is effectively absorbed and reduced between the double orifice and casting. 

Long Life

The unique design of the new motor, corporated with a well-lubricated ball bearing, reduces temperature rise is reduced that can increase the motor life and prolong the product durability. 

High Efficiency 

Taper blade design effectively controls the air turbulence surrounding the blade. That achieves a strong and smooth ventilating performance, as well as reduces the noise level, by the whole of the blade. The steam-processed casing ensures strength and hermetic seating. Reverse flow prevention shutter results in further improvement of airtightness. 

Energy Saving

The advanced casing design along with the new motor improves the fan performance effectively. Energy saving is attained by reducing power consumption down to 35%. 

Easy Installation

The wiring of the power cord to the product is pre-installed in the factory, just connect the cord to the power supply for operation. Cassette type discharge adapter facilitating installation of the product, as well as duct connecting work. 

Easy Maintenance 

One-touch louver allows installation and removal of the louver by finger touch.

Types of Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fans


Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fans 

Various types are available. DC motor type provides a premium solution for both spot and whole-house ventilation; super quiet type offers a quiet and comfortable environment to you, and recessed series lets you have double enjoyment with its dual functions. 

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