CO2 Traffic Light

Traffic light set for climate monitoring in enclosed spaces 

With this traffic light, the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air can be measured and clearly displayed using the three traffic light colours.

  • The system displays its concentration in the ambient air according to CO2 thresholds: Green (ambient air OK), yellow (ventilation recommended), red (ventilation necessary), red flashing (ventilation urgently required)
  • Eliminate high concentrations of carbon dioxide and aerosols in enclosed spaces based on a reliable reminder for regular intense ventilation
  • Ensure hygienic and productivity-friendly ambient air
  • Increased safety for employees and customers

Typical Applications

The CO2 Traffic Light is ideal for all interior spaces where people regularly spend long periods of time, such as public buildings, restaurants, shops, doctor’s practices, universities, schools and open-plan offices.

Initial Startup

Thanks to plug&play, the CO2 traffic light can be set up quickly and easily and is immediately ready for use. The power supply is provided by the mains adapter (230V) included.


  • Provides clear feedback on CO2 concentration
  • The traffic light lights up green (<=1,000 ppm*)
  • The traffic light lights up yellow (>1,000 – 2..000 ppm)
  • The traffic light lights up red (>2,000 ppm)
  • The traffic light flashes red (>3,000 ppm)
  • Optional: Simple radio networking – monitoring and documentation of CO2 states (red, yellow, green) in a clear software. This is how it works: Install the software, configure the radio receiver on the computer, integrate the radio transmitter into the CO2 traffic lights (without tools).

*(The Federal Environment Agency officially recommends ventilation from 1,000 ppm / ppm = parts per million, i.e. parts by volume per million parts by volume).

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