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Take advantage of the industry’s most reliable power supply. Save energy, space, time and cost

ABB has the expertise and experience to deliver the most appropriate, flexible, and scalable power supply components for your specific needs – solutions that can grow with your business.  As one of the leading names in the power solutions industry, ABB has an enviable track record of maximizing reliability and uptime in data centers. You can rely on us to deliver space-saving, flexible, and scalable products and services that power your business in the most effective way, ensuring continuous operation and optimal energy efficiency at all time

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ABB high efficient power distribution solution is able to decrease distribution losses down to 5%

ABB’s devices with embedded meters allow ease of implementation of 1% accuracy measurements and monitoring on all data center levels to ensure energy efficiency improvements based on accurate and detailed information

ABB offers unique UPS decentralized parallel architecture, complete and most reliable ATS portfolio, 100% selectivity and predictive maintenance features to allow maximum reliability of the data center power distribution. Those solutions allows ABB customers to guarantee 100% uptime to their data center users
ABBs power supply for scalable high-density data centers are designed to save up to 95% of time during the design and up to 35% of time during the installation phase to be placed right on the edge of the network. ABB offers service solutions to minimize service time by 50% and with 0 downtime during service

ABB offers the solution of reducing component size by 25%, switchboard size by 30%–50% and UPS by 25%
This results in up to 40% footprint reduction of distribution equipment

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