Designing Scalable, Modular, Digital Data Centers


Designing Scalable, Modular, Digital Data Centers

“Pay-as-you-grow” design considerations to create sustainable, profitable growth for colocation providers

The data center colocation market is growing exponentially to meet the data growth demand.

The key to sustainable and profitable growth for colocation providers is to deploy each data center phase as quickly as possible to start leveraging the investment and generating revenue.

This white paper addresses the advantages and 4 key design considerations of scalable data centers with a ‘pay as you grow’ strategy, requiring less upfront cost and generating revenues faster.

The Advantages

Building for tomorrow

Installing vast data centers from the ground up or adding large-scale extensions to existing locations requires considerable upfront costs.

Often, the space built is not leased straight away and this ‘building for tomorrow’ mentality can result in delayed revenues and ongoing running and maintenance costs for empty server rooms.

Pay as you grow

An alternative and increasingly popular method is to ‘pay as you grow’ – a strategic growth path that requires less upfront cost and can generate faster revenues.

Using modular systems, replicable and standardized topologies, and scalable digital technologies, colocation providers can expand in smaller blocks, repeating the process many times as demand continues to grow.


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