Differences between MCCB and ACB

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What are the differences between MCCB and ACB

Differences between MCCB and ACB

MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker.ACB stands for Air Circuit Breaker.
MCCB is used at the load side of the circuit in order to break the circuit from load side in case of any fault which can cause damage to the circuit.ACBs are usually used on the upstream end of the circuit.
MCCBs are frequently broke in a circuit due to any fault situation.ACBs are not frequently used.
The MCCB has improved rating as compared to the ACB.The rating of the air circuit breaker is lower as compared to MCCB.
MCCBs are considered more accurate than the ACBs due to use of different technologies in MCCBs. The improvements in the technologies have made the circuit breakers more accurate and précised.The selection of the ACBs for a circuit is done on the base of different parameters which are operating voltage and the fault voltage. ACB parameters are lower in terms of performance then the MCCBs.
The MCCB is better than the ACB in different parameters like breaking capability.The breaking capability of air circuit breaker is lower as compared to the MCCB.
The MCCB already utilizes the best qualities available for their operation.The technologies used in the air circuit breaker needs to be improved further to improve its performance.
The rated current for the MCCB is about 3200 A.The current rating for a general ACB is 6300 A.
The improved rating of the MCCB is due to the use of good material in the MCCB circuit.From the last decades with the improvement of the different technologies the performance of the both MCCB and ACB can be overlapped.
The circuit of MCCB is used at the load end due to its compatibility of frequently operating with accuracy.The ACB is not compatible to be used at the load end due to its less frequent operation.
The frequent use of the MCCB on the load end is selected after calculating its different parameters.If the operating factor of the ACB is increased it will be also used at the load end.
If the load end is larger than the rating of the MCCB than it cannot be used at load end.Similarly, for specific load the ACB can be used to on the load end.
The utilization category for the molded case circuit breaker is ‘A’.The utilization category for the molded case circuit breaker is ‘B’.
MCCBs are less expensive as compared to ACBs.ACBs are expensive as compared to the MCCBs.
It is the general rating of the current for MCCB, different MCCBs available in the market can have rating greater than this rating or lower than this rating.The rating of the ACB is higher than the MCCBs. Due to this high current rating a ACB is used in the circuit with a larger circuit current.
The tripping thresholds can be adjusted easily in the MCCB. This parameter makes the MCCB favorable in different circuits over other circuit breakers.The tripping thresholds can be adjusted in the ACBs. This tripping threshold can be easily adjusted in the MCCBs but for ACBs it is bit complex.
There is thermal magnetic operation in the MCCBs. In the previous MCCBs there was only one operation which was generally magnetic.The ACB also operates in two different modes. One can be the magnetic mode and the other is thermal magnetic mode.
The units which are tripped can be either the magnetic units or the electronic units. The trip units can also be thermal magnetic units.The trips unit of the ACB can be also same like MCCBs.
MCCBs are common breakers as compared to the ACBs.ACBs are not commonly used in different circuit breakers.


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