Earth Leakage Relays

Earth Leakage Relays can detect a small magnitude of current and it’s usually used in low voltage circuits only. Earth leakage relays are designed to sense a preset value of current (between 10mA to 3A), it will trip the circuit breaker and interrupt the flow of current. 

Earth Fault is an unforeseen circumstance of which the current flow from a conductor to earth and that happens when the current-carrying conductor falls

  • On the floor 
  • Body of the equipment 
  • One touches the Live conductor with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Insulation failures 

It protects the users from electrocution and fire hazards. Earth Leakage Relays is a combination of Core Balance Circuit Breaker (CBCT) or Zero Phase Current Transformer (ZCT). Any leakage current to the earth will cause an imbalance between the phrase and neutral currents. Earth Leakage Relays are commonly used in domestic distribution boards. 

Types of Earth Leakage Relays

Earth Leakage Relay

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