IoT – Ecostruxure power device app [Features with Explanation]

By November 25, 2019All Solutions, IOT
Ecostruxure power device app

Now there is an easier way for you to manage power and your electrical network with Ecostruxure power device app. The Internet of things is used to control various electrical and mechanical devices with the aid of computers and smartphones. IoT which is a short form of the internet of things is used to ease up human life by controlling different systems with the help of the internet and the computers. The IoT enables the transfer of data without a human to human or human to computer interaction. Different electrical devise and the electrical systems of a house are automated with the help of IoT. Different algorithms are used to develop the systems for home automation and other electrical automation. Wireless communication is preferred in the IoT for the transfer of data. The concept of IoT was first presented in 1999. With the advancements in technologies, several electrical devices are modeled with new features that are better than the previous models. Different kinds of electrical circuits are monitored with the help of IoT. The different components used in the circuits are also controlled with the help of IoT.

EcoStruxure Power Device App:

The circuit breakers and different relays are used as a protection unit in various protection circuits. A circuit breaker or a relay is triggered when a fault occurs in a circuit. A fault can occur in a circuit due to numerous reasons which include the short circuits, overload conditions, and the ground fault conditions. A relay or a circuit breaker is triggered at once when any of the above-mentioned condition occurs in a circuit. After some time, the relay or the circuit breaker is reset to normal and the circuit starts to operate again. Some circuit breakers and relays are automatically reset to normal and some are manual. To effectively control the circuit breakers and relays different applications are developed which utilize the principle of IoT for the effective control of the circuit breakers and relays.

EcoStruxure Power Device app is an application that is available for smartphones of different operating systems to effectively control the different appliances and device circuits. This app allows the user to handle different circuit breakers and relays in LV and MV applications. All the electrical devices which are linked with the application database can be easily operated with the EcoStruxure power device app. It also provides necessary information about the circuit breakers and the relays and their operations. With the help of the EcoStruxure power app, different power and grid applications can be expertise as it provides complete information about the applications.

Features of EcoStruxure App:

The EcoStruxure app ensures the following features above all other apps:

  • Increased power uptime.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Maintain safety, performance, and reliability.
  • Upgradable and updateable.
  • Future-ready.

The QR scan feature of the app allows the users to scan any protection unit. After the identification of the protection unit, the protection unit can be easily connected with the app if it supports the app with the help of any wireless communication mean which can be WIFI, Bluetooth or any other NFC technology. Once a protection unit is connected with the app, it can be easily monitored and it can be easily operated with the help of the EcoStruxure Power Device app. Different parameters of the protection units can be easily supervised with the help of the app and different notifications related to the connected protection unit can ease up the monitoring of the app. Different alert notifications can be customized as per the desire of the user to supervise the protection unit. The basic and the common protection units supervised by the EcoStruxure Power Device app includes the TeSys GV4 motor circuit breakers, MasterPact MTZ air circuit breakers, Easergy P3 protection relays, Easergy P5 protection relays, and the MiCom C264 bay controllers.

The EcoStruxure power device app is simple to use, the features of the app are easily accessible. The app can be easily used without any specific training. The app is safer to use and is faster.