Electrical Grounding Equipment

The use of grounding equipment plays an important part in electrical safety. It helps to transfer the electrical current efficiently through the whole electrical system and stabilize the voltage level to prevent the circuit from overloading or blowing. If the grounding has been implemented correctly, excess electricity will be directed to the earth. 

Other factors of the importance of grounding equipment : 

  1. Provides an alternative path for current to flow 
    • Having electrical equipment grounded means there will be a low resistance path to allow the electrical current to flow through safely in an electrical system to the earth’s ground.
  2.  Helps to stabilize the voltage levels
    • Make sure that electrical power is distributed evenly throughout the circuit, which play an important role to prevent overloaded and blown.
  3. Prevent damage, injury, and death
    • Without proper grounding equipment, there is a higher risk of damage to the circuit,  which may result in a fire outbreak, and human life lost.