Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems

Electric vehicles charging is a type of charging station for electric cars that provides energy from the power grid to recharge them. With exponential growth of electric vehicles (EV) and the development of electric cars with longer ranges, demand for electric vehicles charging is booming.

As the global leader in sustainable transport solutions ABB has taken another significant step in driving this e-mobility revolution forward over the next decade with the launch of its new Terra AC wallbox.

The Terra AC wallbox is the superior EV home charger, delivering high-value quality, future proof flexibility, and advanced safety and protection. Terra AC wallbox provides tailored, intelligent and networked charging solutions for any business, home or location. There are two types of Terra AC wallbox as Terra AC-7.4 kW and Terra AC-22kW.


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Terra AC Wallbox EV Charging
Terra AC Wallbox EV Charging
Terra AC Wallbox EV Charging

EV Charger 7.4 kW with installation

EV Charger (7.4kW) 4G with Installation

EV Charger (22kW) 4G with Installation