ABB Electrification

By April 1, 2021ABB, All Solutions, Solutions

In ABB’s Electrification Business Area, we recognize that new solutions are needed to manage the pressures being placed on our environment. Our aim is to help make a safe, smart and sustainable world possible with technologies that reduce energy consumption, eliminate emissions in industry, infrastructure, and transport, and improve quality of life.

Over the past seven years of ABB’s sustainability reporting cycle, we have increasingly learned to appreciate the value of collaborating across functions within our Group, while working closely with customers, suppliers, startups, and academia to achieve ABB’ssustainability objectives. We have also determined that small actions, like changing the material we use to manufacture a simple product or part, can have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of our business in mature markets. Similarly, we have recognized the importance of understanding the true drivers of our CO2footprint within the product lifecycle. Based on our experiences over this period, we have also learned that we can make our operations more circular by collaborating with suppliers to find ways to achieve the“closed-loop” recycling of plastic waste from our own manufacturing processes. At the same time, we have determined that we can improve ABB’s Scope 3 emissions and the carbon footprint of our solutions by working with our suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints and by focusing on low-carbon logistics.