Emergency Stop Push-Buttons

Emergency stop push-buttons, which are also known as emergency stop buttons. These are fail-safe control switches that ensure safety for both the machinery and users. Upon activating the push-button, it will stop the machine immediately to reduce any workplace risk. 

Most of the buttons are red in color to ensure that they can be seen vividly in any circumstances. 

There are 3 types of emergency buttons : 

  • Push-Pull 
    • The button is pushed into “stop” and “released” by pulling the button 
  • Twist Release 
    • The button is pushed into “stop” and “released” by twisting the button
  • Key Release
    • The button is pushed into “stop” and “released” with a key

Emergency stop pushbuttons can be commonly found in a wide range of industries including industrial, commercial, and public facilities. Several emergency stop buttons can be installed on one machine depending on the area of the machine that has to be stopped.