Energy Management

Smart Home devices to increase your energy efficiency

Smart Home products not only make your life safer, more convenient and more fun, they can also help you to save energy and money. Creating a Smart Home that optimizes how and when it uses energy – connecting your home devices into a system that lets you control it from anywhere with your smartphone. This will have a positive influence on your budget and the environment.


energy management _ blind control


Integrate our blind management solutions into your Smart Home and they will interplay effectively with your lighting, heating & air-conditioning for an even greater energy efficiency.


You want to leave the house and you are not sure whether all the lights in the house are switched off? By using our smart everything-off function you can easily switch off all lights with just a fingertip on the button.




With an intelligent heating and cooling system you can enjoy your optimum temperature in every room of your home – every day. As a positive side effect it protects the environment and your wallet.


Combining our intelligent storage solution for your photovoltaic system with our smart home automation system [email protected], enables you to have greater control over your energy use. Whenever you want and wherever you are.




You will enjoy being able to just plug your car in and get on with your day. Your smart home becomes one system from your own energy production via a solar panel, storage of harvested energy and use it to charge up your car with your own 100% green energy production.

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