Everything You Need To Know About Panduit’s Cable Ties

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Everything You Need To Know About Panduit’s Cable Ties
  • Panduit offers the most comprehensive selection of cable tie styles, sizes, materials, and colors to meet the needs of its customers.
  • Panduit’s cable ties bundle, mount, and identify in countless indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment applications.
  • Panduit leads the industry in the breadth and depth of available cable tie designs created from customer feedback on their application requirements.
  • As with all Panduit products, quality in design and production along with customer service excellence are assured.

Cable tie styles overview

Pan-Ty Cable Ties

  • Designed for use in numerous applications to meet a variety of needs in the OEM, MRO, and construction markets
  • Largest selection of styles, materials, and sizes
  • One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability
  • Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry

Super-Grip Cable Ties

  • Designed for the strength requirements of the MRO and construction markets
  • Thin, wide strap body – flexible, conforms to bundles
  • Strong – withstands rough installation practices
  • Grips wires tightly and resists lateral movement

Dome-Top Barb Ty Cable Ties

  • Approved for the demanding MRO and construction requirements as typified in the oil and gas markets
  • Stainless steel barb provides consistent performance and reliability
  • Infinitely adjustable for tight bundles throughout entire bundle range
  • Dome-top head features unique patented design with smooth, round edges

Parallel-Entry Cable Ties

  • Designed for use in the OEM and transportation markets
  • All parallel-entry ties provide a low profile head which avoids snags and reduces overall bundle size
  • No protrusion of tie cut-off – protects workers’ arms/hands
  • Contour-Ty ® Cable Ties have outside teeth and smooth, round edges to protect cable jacket – perfect for high vibration applications

Sta-Strap Cable Ties

  • Convenient and easy to use in OEM manual assembly operations
  • Exclusive, two-piece design provides lowest threading force in the industry
  • Use for normal bundling and through-panel applications
  • Releasable prior to final tensioning and cut-off

Network Cable Ties

  • Ideal for the telecommunications, financial, education, and government markets
  • Adjustable, releasable, and re-usable
  • No risk of over-tensioning or damaging high performance network cables
  • Variety of styles, sizes, and colors

Manual Cable Tie Installation Tools

  • Used in production, maintenance, and construction applications
  • Designed for ease of use and to reduce repetitive stress injuries
  • Full line of lightweight, ergonomic hand tools – Panduit leads the industry in reliability and performance
  • Flush cut-off of cable tie limits exposure to sharp edges

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