Features and Benefits of Harmony Timer Relays

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Harmony timer relays

Unmatched efficiency

Set relays more efficiently and more accurately with the world’s first industrial near field communication (NFC) based timer relay from Schneider Electric.

Easy and time-saving installation

Gain three benefits with RE17 spring terminal timer relay: easy installation, time and cost-saving as well as secured wiring.

Benefits of Harmony Timer Relays


Comprehensive range

Wide range of products covering 24-240 VAC power supply, single or multi timing functions from 0.02 s to 999 hrs, and a flexible choice of screw or spring connection terminals for wiring.

Easy to use

These features assist setup in all environments: dial pointer LED indicator (especially in a dusty or poorly lit environment) and QR code for quick access to the product instruction sheet.
Reduce troubleshooting time

Reduce troubleshooting time

Diagnostic button that helps you check the downstream circuit immediately without sending a fault input signal to the relays.
World's first industrial NFC Timer Relay

World’s first industrial NFC Timer Relay

Experience simplified product selection, unprecedented accuracy, and diagnostic and superior security with NFC Timer Relay.

Features of Harmony Timer Relays

Simplified product selection and inventory management

• One product reference covering 28 timing functions, 2 outputs, and a wide range of supply voltage 24…240 V AC/DC

Configure settings digitally via Zelio NFC App

• Reduce error margin from 10% to 0.2%.
• Time delay can be set precisely up to minutes, seconds or milliseconds.
• Time setting is 50x more accurate.

Embedded with unique functions to help you save time

• Clone settings to multiple NFC Timer Relays easily with a simple click.
• Settings can be shared via multiple channels (email, SMS, etc.) and loaded directly to another NFC Timer Relay.

Features of the ‘Diagnose’ function

• Read relay status.
• Overwrite the output.
• Manage NFC Timer Relay without power.

Set a four-digit password to prevent an unintended change of settings.

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