Floor and Surface Identification Tapes

Floor and Surface Identification Tapes are used to identify hazards, divide spaces, or navigation. It is commonly applicable in most industrial, manufacturing, office facilities for floor marking. 

We have a wide range of floor marking tapes by major brand partners such as 3M, Brady and Mighty Line. We have tapes that are oil, chemical and water resistant and a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Types of Floor and Surface Identification Tape

These are some recommendations, click here for the full range. 

ApplicationsExampleFloor Tapes Recommendations
Concrete FloorShopping mall retail floor, gym room, etc.
Outdoor Floor (sheltered)Bank outdoor waiting area, retail shop outdoor floor, garage area, outdoor traffic line, etc.
Outdoor FloorTraffic line, outdoor metallic stairways
Wooden SurfaceStage marking, Stairs marking, etc.
Carpet SurfaceOffices, gym room, etc.

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