Frequently Asked Questions about Automation Components

By June 29, 2021FAQs

Automation Components

What windows can be use to support SYSMAC-SE200-64?

Answer :

You can use windows 10 to support SYSMAC-SE200-64.

Looking for equivalent model with 4-20mA signal to 0-10V signal.

Answer :

You may consider K3FP-VS-UI-UI.

Looking for equivalent model for EL38F1024Z8/24L8X3PR2.

Answer :

You may consider E6H-CWZ3X 1024 ppr.

Looking for equivalent model of the following:
1) WE70-AP-CA
2) WE70-CL-CA

Answer :

Sorry, the item are obsolete. And there will be no replacement for the item.