Frequently Asked Questions about Data Loggers

By January 29, 2021FAQs

Currently using Hobo / Onset UX120-017M with U12-006. and would like to measure the temperature at 4 points within a switchboard. Which temperature data logger or sensor would you recommend?

Answer : 

You may consider these Onset temperature sensors – TMC6-HD x 4 – TMC6-HC x 4. Both models can be used with U12-006. Kindly contact us directly at  for a quotation.

Do you have a data logger that measures and records the following parameters in seawater. It should be battery operated, waterproofed, and withstand sea immersed temperature conditions. 1. Temperature 2. Depth of Sea (Max. depth of 50 meters). 3. Salinity 4. Sea Current. The port connection can be in USB, logging every 3 minutes. Kindly propose if you have other types, measurement tolerance is not a concern.

Answer : 

Sorry, we do not have a data logger that can measure all the parameters mentioned. The best we could do is log Temperature, Water Level up to 250′ (76 meters), and Salinity. The following logger would be needed to accomplish this, U24-002-C U20-001-03-TI. Kindly contact us directly at  for further technical discussion.

Do you have a data logger that monitors the temperature in the food chiller.

Answer : 

You may consider U12-015 and Hoboware. Kindly contact us directly at  for a quotation.

 Can I request a demo of U12 with external air velocity sensor and hoboware software?

Answer : 

Definitely! Kindly contact us directly at , and we will guide you on the demo.

Do you have a Data Logger that can measure room pressure in between -25Pa to 25Pa?

Answer :

You may consider T-VER-PX3UL, UX120-006M, AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5.

Can U14-001 monitor internal truck temperature (max of 70 degrees Celsius) and humidity? Is it capable of collecting data via USB?

Answer :

Sorry, U14-001 is only capable of supporting temperatures of -20°C to 50°C. As for the data, you need to download via USB cable to the laptop.