Frequently Asked Questions about Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

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Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

Looking for light panel pilot lamp M2CT-7001 and AD16-16 for red, white, and green color 28VDC.

Answer : 

You may select either of these pilot lamps, M2CT-90A1-28R – M2CT-90A1-28W – M2CT-90A1-28G – M16-TR-24D – M16-TW-24D – M16-TG-24D. Kindly contact us at  for quotation.

Looking for similar parts counter offer for Allen Bradley Parts: > 800H-R2A > 800H-24JRR2KB7AX (Invalid? Should be 800H-2JRRH2KB7AX) > 800H-PR16R > 800H-PR16G > 700-HB33A24. 

Answer : 

You may consider Schneider 30dia. series. > 9001 SKR1BH5 + 9001 KA3 > 9001 SKS43FB > 9001 KP35LRR9 > 9001 KP35LGG9 700-HB33A24 > OMRON MM3P AC24V. Kindly contact us at  for quotation.

Modifying the existing panels, we’ll need 10 pieces of key-operated electrical switches with the following characteristics:

1) Flush mounted

2) 2 positions

3) Type of operator: stay-put (i.e no spring-return)

4) Key withdrawal position: left

5) Same key number/ type for all switches

6) Key not of Ronis common series(e.g not 455)

7) Electrical contacts: 2x NO, 1x NC, rated 230 VAC/5A min

Answer : 

You may consider ZB5 AG2D x1pc , ZB5 AZ103 x1pc , ZBE 102 x1pc

Looking for equivalent model for Red Pilot Light 120V, 22mm.

Answer :

You may consider XB4BVG3.

Looking for equivalent model that require 230VAC Red.

Answer :

You may consider XVR13M04L.

Looking for equivalent model for A165S-T3A-2.

Answer :

You may consider XB5AD53 + ZBE102 (2pcs). Kindly note that the diameter, voltage rating and terminal style are different

Looking for equivalent model  to replace A22-TR-01M and A22-GG-10M.

Answer :

You may consider A22NN-BPM-NRA-G002-NN and A22NN-BGM-NGA-G100-NN.

Looking for equivalent model for A3BE-92B0-R which has been discontinued.

Answer :

You may consider A165E.

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What is the difference between a push-button switch for an emergency stop and a general-purpose push button switch?

Answer :

A general-purpose push button switch is used for controls, e.g., to start machine operation or to switch modes. An emergency stop push-button switch is used as a safety measure to stop hazardous parts (loads).


An Emergency Stop Switch must be highly visible in color and shape and must be easy to operate in emergency situations. The following requirements are specified in the European Standard EN 418 (International Standard: ISO13850).


1. A direct opening mechanism must be installed on the NC contact.

2. There must be a self-holding function.

3. The button must be a “mushroom” head design or something equally easy to use.

4. The button must be red and the background must be yellow.


In addition to the 4 points mentioned above, the emergency stop control circuit must have countermeasures for each category.


There is no difference between a general-purpose push button switch and an emergency push button switch regarding the function of the NO contact.


A general-purpose push-button switch doesn’t have a direct opening mechanism on the NC contact. If the contact welds, conduction will be maintained and the device cannot be stopped in a hazardous situation (load). If this occurs, the device may keep operating in a hazardous state. Therefore, use the NC contact of an emergency stop push button switch for safety applications.