Frequently Asked Questions about Solid State Relays

By June 1, 2021FAQs

Solid State Relays

Does G3NB-210B-1 solid-state reply output load voltage has plus-minus 10% of tolerance.

Answer : 

The output voltage is 19 to 286VAC.

Looking for a standard solid-state relay for Input: 4-32VDC and Output: 48-480VAC, Max:25A.

Answer : 

You may consider Omron solid state relay – G3PE-225B DC12-24 

Looking for equivalent model THE GTJ480-40A.

Answer :

You may consider G3PE-545BL DC12-24. Kindly note that the product have a input of 12-24VDC and the applicable load is 45A at 200-280 VAC.

Do Omron Solid State Relay has the same function of a general purpose relay?

Answer :

There is a SSR with the same profile / shape with MY relay. However the item only have a SPST -NO output and the load current 3A with a wide range of 100 to 240VAC.

Checking if the input and output for G3NA-D210B is DC voltage and is up to 24V?
As previously we bought G3NA-210B and realized that the output is AC voltage and the input is DC voltage. And was wondering if it can be used for DC load?

Answer :

For G3NA-D210B, the input voltage is 5-24VDC and the output is 5-200VDC.
For G3NA-210B, the input voltage is 5-24VDC and the output is 24-240VAC. Thus this model will not be able to handle DC load.