Fuji Magnetic Contactors SC and SW series


Fuji Magnetic Contactors SC and SW series

The SC series is a range of long service-life and high-performance contactors. SC-03 to SC-N3 small frame contactors provide snap-on fitting of numerous optional units, such as auxiliary contact blocks, coil surge suppressors, and operation counters.
Field modifications are quick and easy.
Type SC-N6 and above contactors come with an IC-controlled SUPER MAGNET coil, which operates from both AC and DC sources, to prevent burnt coils and contact chattering by voltage fluctuation.

  • Small frame contactors with new functions join the SC series. The SC lineup, based on high technology, now extends from the SC-03 to the SC-N16. The SC series contactors have such options as additional auxiliary contact blocks and operation counter units with snap-on fittings, and coil surge suppressors. Quick and easy modification on site. FUJI SC series (SC-N6 to N16) contactors have been developed and manufactured with our most advanced electronic technologies.
  • They employ an electronically-controlled SUPER MAGNET provided with a built-in IC, which enhances their performance and reliability.
  • The SUPER MAGNET is based on an “AC-input, DC-operated concept“, thus allowing the coil to be energized by both AC and DC input. Moreover, once closed, sealed current is controlled by switching circuit. permits a great reduction in power consumption – a cost-effective feature.
  • The SC-N1 to SC-N5A do not have the SUPER MAGNET.
  • These contactors feature compact size, arc extinguishing mechanisms with a high breaking efficiency, low power consumption, easy operation, and ratings up to 660 volts.

Design features

Improved contact materials and structure double the electrical life compared with existing contactors 2 million operations. Bifurcated type auxiliary contacts have a high degree of contact reliability. Therefore, they can be used in low-level circuits of 5V, 3mA and directly input to electronic equipment.

Manual Trip 

These relays can be manually tripped for sequence inspection by pressing the manual trip bar (TR-0N/3, TR-5-1N/3). A sequence inspection will be performed when the test button is pulled out. When the test button is pressed in, only the NC contact will turn oFF. The original status will be restored when the test button is then released. (TR-N2/3 to N8/3)

Trip-free mechanism 

Even if the reset button is carelessly pressed, this replay trips without trouble (Trip-free mechanism)

Easy visual checking of operating status 

Trip indicator and manual trip bar permit a visual check of tripping status.







Dial amphere setting 

The setting dial uses an RC (Rated Current) marking which is set to the motor full load current.


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