Grounding Wires / Cables

Grounding wires/cables provide a low resistance grounding path for reliability; include factory terminated jumpers for easy installation; and are kitted for convenience. Our grounding and bonding solutions meet customer needs and today’s critical application requirements for grounding data centers and telecommunication spaces.

We provide a high-quality, visually verifiable, and dedicated grounding path to maintain system performance and protect network equipment and personnel. Our grounding and bonding components are designed for use on racks and cabinets which meet EIA-310.

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Types of Grounding Wires / Cables


Earthing Cables

Bare Annealed Copper – Stranded plain annealed copper conductor). A variety of conductor sizes and it is compliance with IEC60228 / BS EN60228 standards

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Grounding Jumpers 

Bond network equipment to grounding strip or grounding busbar, that is available with both ends factory terminated to provide a bolt-on solution. Engineered to comply with US and International grounding requirements

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Telecommunication Equipment Bonding Conductor (TEBC) Kits

Telecommunication Equipment Bonding Conductor (TEBC) Kits

Bonds the rack or cabinet to the telecommunications grounding busbar (SBB/TGB).

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