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Harmony XB4-SE

The modular Harmony XB4 range of 22 mm metal control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, efficiency, modern design, flexibility, and robustness to meet most industrial applications.

The Harmony XB4 range offers innovative features for ease of use to make an operator’s work simpler and more efficient.

Improved operator efficiency

> Illuminated Emergency stop pushbutton solutions that help you quickly find the E-stop button responsible for the production downtime

> Robust illuminated and non-illuminated buzzers providing water resistance up to IP66, IP67, IP69, and IP69K

> High brightness and full-surface illumination of pushbuttons and selector switches

> Dedicated offer for explosive atmospheres

Reduce safety risk and downtime machine

> Monitor the Emergency stop head connection with the NC safety monitoring contact block reduces human error during maintenance or installation of the machine

> Integrated two functions in one to keep existing cabling and avoid extra connection risk.

> Compact size with same width and only 1.5 mm higher depth to save space.

> Dedicated offer for explosive atmospheres

Increasing operator’s efficiency

> USB and RJ45 ports for a simple, effective way to connect a PC or USB

> Timer for simple adjustment of your machine’s time settings

> 3-phase pilot lights mounted in a single 30 mm (1.181 in.) diameter hole

> Potentiometer with integrated resistor

> Yellow illuminated functions

> Small displays in a diameter 22 mm hole for quicker mounting

Facts about Harmony XB4

A complete range to provide the relevant functions for your panels and machines.

Pushbutton switches, Selector/key switches, Emergency stop buttons, Multiple-headed pushbuttons, Pilot lights, Illuminated pushbuttons and selector switches. Various accessories including flush mounting kits, protective covers and legend plates.

• Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA, CCC EAC and JIS standards, as well as CE marking and marine approvals
• Up to IP66, 67, 69, 69K, and type 4X protection ratings
• Operating temperature from -40°C to 70°C
• Shock protection level up to IK06
• High vibration resistance with shake-proof terminal screws
• A large set of accessories to customise your panels.
• With various types of connection: screw clamp, connector, Faston connector, spring terminal or printed circuit board.
• A wide choice of contact blocks for general purposes or specific applications (low current, standard or high-power switching).

Harmony XB4 Range


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