Head Protection

Head protection such as hard hats are mandatory in most industrial workplaces to protect workers from hazards such as electrical shocks and burns. Hard hats are made specially for high-risk environments, unlike ordinary bump caps, that do not have the impact to bounce off hard elements to protect the worker’s head.

Regular cleaning and  inspection to ensure no holes, cracks or damages will extend the useful life of the head protection. Cleaning agents may weaken the exterior of the hard hats, which may eliminate the electrical resistance. Instead, simply rinse it with normal temperature water. Furthermore, do try not keep the hard hats directly under the sunlight, as the ultra-violet (UV) ray and heat will cause damage to it.

Types of Head Protection

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Hard Hats 

Unique, lightweight shell sits lower on the head to reduce pressure points and increase security. Innovative design takes hard hat comfort to the next level. Read more here.

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