HMIs Displays

An HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Display is an interface or dashboard that allows the user to interact with any screen of the machine. HMI displays are commonly found in most industrial processes to reduce laborious and tedious work by having to manually record the progress through a piece of paper or whiteboard. This can eliminate the need for additional headcounts and human errors. 

It can be used to : 

  • display data visually through graphs, charts, or dashboards 
  • Monitor and tracking of machine performance 
  • Oversee KPIs 

HMI displays come in various forms, from built-in screens to computer monitors, tablets, and others depending on your requirements and purpose that you would like to have the data present. 

The primary purpose of an HMI used in industrial processes is to communicate with the programmable logic controller (PLC) and I/O sensors to capture information and display it for the users.

Types of HMIs Displays

HMIs Display

HMIs Displays

A variety of HMIs displays are available from waterproof to different resolutions and colored frames are available!

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