How KDK Living Fans are built differently from the rest

By December 7, 2021KDK, Products

The KDK brand is an acronym Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (Kawakita Electric Company) which was founded in Japan in 1909. In 1913, KDK succeeded for being the first mass-produced electric fan“ Typhoon” in Japan, followed by ceiling fans and ventilating fans. By 1917, a new utility model “Uzumaki Guard” had been produced and was applied to electric fans. Within one year of that success, the trademark of KDK was registered and established. Over the next 30 years, KDK has taken advantage of its growing market and expanded through Asia, the Middle East, and South-Central America. With the constant growth that KDK has had and as the leader of fan technology, KDK now embracing all aspects of professional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for healthy homes.

In the hot and humid climate of Singapore, fans are quintessential product in every homes. A fan cools you down by blowing air around, making it easier for air to evaporate sweat from your skin which is how body heat is eliminated. More than just cooling, fan also provides greater circulation of air thereby creating a more ventilated environment. Among the several ways of achieving space cooling, the most prominent ones are still either a fan or an air conditioner. Depending on some factors, fans are generally cheaper to buy and install than air conditioning and it takes more energy to move heat around than it takes a fan to blow air onto your skin. As a result, parking yourself in front of a fan is significantly more energy efficient. Fans use around 1% of the electricity consumed by air conditioners. You could leave a fan running for a full 24 hours and still use less energy than 15 minutes of air conditioning. Hence, fans are cheapest cooling option to run with the lowest environmental impact because they consume less energy.

Over the years, the technology incorporated into living fans have also vastly improved. Besides the standard timer and speed settings, KDK has developed innovative technologies that is aligned with our mission to be a fan specialist that improves indoor air quality.


1/f Yuragi

Many of you might ask what is 1/f Yuragi? Let’s continue to read on. It is a fluctuation patten that makes people feel comfortable. It exists in the gentle breeze on grassy plain, hypnotic rhythm of rolling waves and even in the classical music.

By this sophisticated formula, 1/f Yuragi, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, the stand fan presents you a peaceful and comfortable breeze. Incorporated with the human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm also maintains your external body temperature, and keep you in a better and relaxing physical condition.

KDK pioneered the 1/f Yuragi technology in electric fan by varying air velocity to simulate the pattern of natural breeze, creating an extra comfort and refreshing environment for you to enjoy!

kdk-1:f Yuragi-tech

Super Alleru-buster

KDK fans are equipped with an anti-bacteria which consisted of three filters, including Alleru Buster, Anti-Bacteria Enzyme and Green Tea Catechin. The filter is able to catch and inactivate allergens such as dead dust mites, ticks and pollen. Besides that, it also combines green tea catechin with anti-bacterial enzymes, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and molds and inhibiting up to 17 types of viruses. All in all, around 99% of allergens can be inactivated.

Super Alleru-buster-kdk

The table below shows the various sizes of KDK Living Fans with their features:

SizesModels1/f YuragiSuper Alleru-busterRemote ControlRecommended Areas Type
30cm (12”)N30NHYesYesYesBedroom
40cm (16”)M40KSYesYesYesLiving Room
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