Improving Safety Through Two-Tiered Temperature Monitoring

By September 14, 2021All Whitepapers, Omron, Whitepaper

Preparatory processes for semiconductor/FPD manufacturing involve several high-temperature procedures. Failure to sufficiently control temperatures during these procedures can lead to serious incidents, but adding equipment to improve safety would increase the facilitys footprint.

Omrons Value Design for Panel products consume dramatically less space compared to their previous counterparts. In the case of temperature control devices, for example, measures such as side-by-side mounting of power supplies and heater SSRs allow all equipment to fit inside the panel, and even make room for temperature monitoring relays that ensure facility safety, as shown in the figure below.

Improving-facility-safety without-increasing-footprint

Same operability with less wiring

Same operability as on-panel models


Compact 22.5 mm-wide DIN track-mounting model with operability common to E5 C Temperature Controllers saves panel space.

Horizontal connection structure reduces crossover wiring effort


Up to 16 units can be attached by their connectors for power/communication, reducing wiring effort.

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