Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

At one time, adhesive and glue were used synonymously. In industry today, however, designers and engineers are using terms like two-part low-odor acrylic, high bond tape, PUR systems, cyanoacrylate, and more. Glue is now considered to be something sticky which is no longer a characteristic of many adhesives.

Adhesives are available as liquids, pastes, tapes, films, and shaped solids. Each has characteristics to be considered for application effectiveness and efficiency.

Liquids and pastes readily fill voids to enhance mechanical adhesion. Many liquids can be sprayed to cover large areas.

Films and pressure-sensitive tapes offer advantages unique to their form:

  • Uniform thickness throughout the joint.
  • Confinement of the adhesive to the immediate bonding area.
  • Clean bonding without dripping or overflow.
  • Minimum adhesive waste.
  • Die-cut into complex shapes to facilitate the bonding of complex parts or parts with narrow bonding surfaces.

Hot melts are supplied as solid sticks, cartridges, pellets, or similar shapes. Handling and storage is easy and neat.


Depending on your requirements, we have a wide range of adhesives and tapes available for you to choose from. 

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