Industrial Hand Dryers

Eco-dry hand dryer provides a comfortable and speedy hand drying experience by removing moisture on hands with warm and high-velocity airflow. In addition, environmental protection and cost-saving are achieved as compared with the use of paper towels. 

Safe Operation

  • Stop after 60 seconds of continuous operation 
  • “Check” indicator will light up when the unit detects overheated 

Quick Response Sensor

  • Automation sensor operation, no physical contact is required to activate the unit

Heater ON/OFF Switch 

  • The heater can be switched off the energy saving in the hot season 

Quick Drying with 3-way Air Flow 

  • The wide nozzle that blows off water droplets on the whole palm with wide airflow 
  • Spot Nozzle that dries fine water droplets by rubbing hands with spot airflow 

Super Alleru-buster Filters are available to ensure the air blown to our hands is clean. Anti-bacterial material has been adopted to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in the warm and humid environment of the washroom.  

Types of Hand Dryers


Hand Dryers 

Automated operated through infra-red motion sensors and powerful air velocity enable drying in no time. Different voltages are available depending on your requirement! 

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