Infrastructure Solutions for Renewable Energy Facilities

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Panduit has the proven renewable energy solutions, along with global supply chain and engineering guidance you need to design and build best-in-class solar and wind environments. Panduit’s renewable energy production facilities. Panduit rigorously tests all solar and wind equipment to ensure outstanding performance in high wind and high vibration operations, under intense UV exposure, in extreme temperatures, and in the presence of corrosive agents.


Solar Energy Solutions

Panduit understands the challenges of today’s solar energy industry

As the solar industry has matured, solar-derived power has evolved beyond a scattering of simple panels to complex assemblies of solar conversion devices, control systems, and transmission stations. Panduit’s robust end-to-end solutions offer maximum reliability, productivity, and safety throughout the infrastructure.

Panduit solar renewable energy solutions align critical control, power, and network distributed systems to maximize the creation and delivery of solar-derived electricity. Best practice methodologies, end-to-end support, and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions position Panduit as the leading provider of robust physical infrastructure solutions for meeting solar energy installation requirements.


Wind Energy Solutions

Once considered an emerging technology, the installed capacity of wind energy has grown by tenfold over the past decade, and is now a major force in renewable energy initiatives

Infrastructure has answers for an industry in the cross roads

Recent growth has been driven by a combination of public policy and technological advances that have significantly reduced cost per megawatt. Wind power’s future is now challenged by uncertain regulatory environments around the globe, trends toward the use of larger and larger turbines to optimize performance in low wind locations, and the desire to build capital-intensive offshore farms. As a result, wind energy producers are looking for partners who can help them maximize output at the lowest total cost.

Panduit plays an important role in the energy value chain. As a global innovator of solutions for connecting, grounding, securing, protecting, identification labelling, and copper and fibber communication systems, our solutions help reduce operating and capital costs


Driving Costs Down

Reaching financial parity ($/KW) with conventional power will require cost reductions across the entire lifecycle of the wind farm — from initial capital outlays to installation costs to maintenance and replacement expenditures. Panduit solutions can have a major impact on reducing installation times, and are known for time-savings features that require fewer installation steps while maintaining or exceeding performance. For example, Panduit’s direct burial grounding compression connectors can be installed four times faster than traditional exothermic products. The use of Panduit tooling can further reduce installation times, helping to manage labour costs.

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