Integrated Motor Starters

Integrated motor starters are required depending on the type of motor used in the applications / systems. A motor starter is an electronically operated switching device that powers up or off the motor safety. 

A low-powered DC motor that runs on low voltage of 24V or less, does not require a motor starter. At times, a low-horsepower motor of 5HP or less, does not require either. 

How will the motor be damaged ? 

Simple, if the supply voltage is high and the resistance is low, the amount of current flowing through may be 100 amps, it will cause the motor to fail. 

Discover a series of motor starters available, consider combining with circuit breakers to meet the machine safety requirements and protect your motors against overloads and short circuits.

Types of Integrated Motor Starter

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Integrated Motor Starters

Owning an Integrated Motor Starter would safely start or stop a motor and protect the motor from low voltage & overcurrent! 

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