Introducing Harmony Timer Relays

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Harmony Timer are timing relays designed to time events in industrial automation systems by closing and opening contacts before, during, or after a set time period. They are designed for hard-wired logic automated systems to complement the functions of industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Machines: single machine, and industrial automation and processes
  • Buildings: lighting control, access control door locks, roller shutters
  • Water segment: pumping and irrigation systems
  • HVAC: fans and centralized water systems

Depending on the product model, these relays support multiple time ranges.

> Modular DIN rail mounted timing relays 


> Miniature plug-in timing relays

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> Panel mounted/plug-in timing relays

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The Harmony Timer relays also feature:

  • Wide power supply range from 24 to 240 V z
  • Single or multi timing ranges from 0.02 s to 999 hrs
  • Screw or spring connection terminals
  • Relay or solid-state output
  • Conformity to IEC 61812-1 and EN 61812-1 standard
  • UL, CSA, GL, RCM, EAC, CCC, and China ROHS compliance
  • Easy to set up with wiring diagrams on the side of the product

Harmony RE22 Timing relays 

Modular relays with unique features

  • Innovative: dial pointer LED indicator and diagnostic button to assist setup and troubleshooting
  • Compact and reliable
  • Energy efficient: simple to implement, operate, and maintain
  • Compliance with standards and certifications
  • QR code embedded in instruction sheet for easy setup

Selection Guide

harmony timer relays selection guide
timer relays

Presentation of Harmony Timer Relays

A timing relay is a component that is designed to time events in industrial automation systems by closing or opening contacts before, during, or after a set timing period. There are three main families of timing relays: 

  • DIN rail mounted Modular relays (RE17, RENF, and RE22) designed for mounting on DIN rails in an enclosure
  • Miniature plug-in relays (REXL) designed to be plugged into sockets
  • Panel mounted/plug-in relays (RE48A) designed for mounting on the front panel to give users easy access to the settings

These relays have 1, 2, or 4 outputs. For some references from RE22 and RE48 range, the second output can be either timed or instantaneous. If the power is switched off during the timing period, the relay reverts to its initial position.

The Harmony Timer simple-to-use innovative NFC timing relay is enabled and controlled by the Near Field Communication technology available in present-day smartphones. 

Application examples:

  • Opening of automatic doors
  • Alarm
  • Lighting in toilets
  • Car park barriers, etc.

DIN rail mounted timing relays


Miniature plug-in timing relays with sockets

miniature plug-in timing relays with sockets

Panel-mounted/plug-in timing relays


Harmony NFC timing relay description

  1. Pairing indication LED (Green)
  2. Output 2 indication LED (Amber)
  3. Output 1 indication LED (Amber)
  4. Power supply indication LED (Green)
  5. NFC antenna location

Harmony NFC timing relay mobile application

To use NFC timing relay, an Android phone with NFC feature and Android firmware (version 4.1 and above) are required. The Zelio NFC app can be downloaded in the mobile with one of the following methods:

  • Allign the mobile phone NFC antenna to the product NFC antenna. This will take you to the Google Play page for downloading the app.
  • Go to Google Play and search for “Zelio NFC”. 

With Zelio NFC app installed in your mobile device, you can retrieve/configure and lock/unlock the product settings, and diagnose product status. All related timing function diagrams, wiring diagram and help contents can be obtained from the app

timing relay mobile application

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