Introducing Pan-Ty Cable Ties – Polypropylene

By September 21, 2021All Products, Panduit, Products
  • Designed for use in numerous applications to meet a variety of needs in the OEM, MRO, and construction markets
  • Largest selection of styles, materials, and sizes
  • One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability
  • Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry

Specification of Pan-Ty Cable Ties

  • Mechanical and chemical attributes of natural and weather resistant polypropylene cable ties shall provide superior resistance to chemical attack when exposed to various concentrations of salts, bases, and acids.
  • In addition, polypropylene ties shall be buoyant in liquid applications and shall float to the surface where they can be seen and recovered

Key Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene material:  Resists chemical attack when exposed to salts, bases, and acids in various concentrations to help maintain cable tie performance in harsh conditions
  • Buoyancy: Cable tie will float to the surface of most liquids so the tie can easily be seen and removed
  • One-piece design with locking wedge: Provides low thread force for easy and reliable installation; improves productivity and reduces operator fatigue
  • Curved, tapered tip (on applicable sizes): Threads easily into head; installs quickly for improved productivity
  • Distinct green color (natural ties): Easy to identify for operators and/or inspectors to ensure the proper cable tie is used in the right application (indoor use)
  • Black color with ultraviolet inhibitor (weather resistant ties): Allows ties to withstand exposure to sunlight; contributes to weathering life expectancy (7 – 9 years)


  • Polypropylene cable ties are used to fasten wiring and hoses in the chemical process industry and related harsh environments.
  • Ideal for applications that demand a cable tie material that provides superior chemical resistance to salts, bases, and acids in various solutions and concentrations.



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