How OMRON integrated temperature control into the packaging machines

How OMRON integrated temperature control into the packaging machines

Companies who pack goods, packaging machine builders and automation suppliers are all working towards one goal: the best way to move vulnerable goods from producer to consumer. To extend the shelf life and to protect products is the main essence of packaging. We all want products to arrive at the consumer in a perfect state.

Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machines are often used to pack large quantities of goods at high speed. Often these goods are food items, like nuts, chocolate bars and candy. There are different factors which can limit the speed of this type of primary packaging machine. They are: product feed, packaging material feed and seal-time. The flexible packaging material (e.g. foil) used in FFS machines is formed and sealed on the fly, often around the product while in motion.

Apart from variation and quality, producing more packs per time are the 3 fundamentals of an FFS packaging machine. With more consumers and the target to reduce cost, the need for more output is obvious. This can be reached not only by faster machines, but also with better quality sealing right from the first pack you produce.

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