Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) for electrical equipment 

Lock-out Tag-out electrical equipment ensures proper shut down of electrical systems such as circuit breakers, push-buttons, switches, plugs, and many more. This is to prevent any electrical accidents from industrial high voltage or low voltage applications. 

A basic procedure starts by identifying all potential electrical sources for the equipment, some may be a single switch, while some may include capacitors or backup batteries that may need to be disconnected to ensure that the equipment does not receive any electrical power. 

Before the technician/maintenance personnel shuts down the equipment, he/she must be informed about the type and magnitude of the work. The personnel must be aware of the hazards surrounding him.

Types of Lock-out Tag-Out for Electrical Equipment

These are the commonly used LOTO for Electrical Equipment, click here to see the full range.

Lock-out tag-out cables (1)

With this mechanism, it enables the lockout device to fit onto the circuit breaker to prevent the circuit breaker toggle to turned on. 

It will be fitted with the right padlock to prevent unauthorized removal.

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With its tough and lightweight features, it enclose the electrical plug completely in order to protect any accidental reconnection from occurring. 

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Lock-out Push-buttons

This device is used to lockout electrical panel buttons and switches where there is no inbuilt lockout provision. It consists of removable push buttons and rotary switch covers that secure with a padlock or hasp. This prevents access to the switch or control on the electrical panel. 

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