Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) for Valves

Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) for valves are used to prevent different kinds of pressured values to ensure that the equipment that has the valve remains switched off while maintenance is in place. Before placing the padlocks or hasps, the valve lockout is attached to the operational part of the valve. 

In a simpler term, Lock-out Tag-out valves are used to provide information about the valves. It can be part of a plumbing system, gas system, chemical system, or any others. This helps to improve safety by making information readable. Employees can identify the valve by looking at its color, material, or any other available information. 

Hence, Lock-out Tag-out valve devices are one of the simplest and affordable options for workplace safety. 

Types of Lock-out Tag-out for Valves

These are the commonly used valve locks, click here to see the full range. 


These lock devices cover the valve completely to prevent access to the valve. 

It consists of 2 half-moons, hinged each at one – side, which is placed over the valve, closed, and then locked off by using either the padlocks or hasps where it requires more security. 

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These locks will clamp over the valve lever, hence, preventing the valve from moving. 

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These locks are relatively similar to Ball Valve Locks. Instead of clamping on the lever of the valve, the wedge on the slider section gits between the compression handle and lever, hence, preventing the compression handle from being squeezed to operate the valve. 

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