Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Padlocks

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Padlocks improve workplace safety by controlling access to machinery, equipment, or restricted areas such as warehouses, factory or plants. Padlocks play an important part in a firm’s workplace safety, especially in areas that are accident-prone. 

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose the right padlock for your specific situation. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your lock-out tag-out padlocks

There are 3 material options to consider 

  • Nylon Padlocks
    • Light in weight, non-conductive, non-sparking 
    • Suitable for electrical and indoor applications 
  • Aluminum Padlocks
    • Corrosion resistance, durability 
    • Suitable for tougher industrial environments and outdoor 
  • Steel Padlocks 
    • Strong resistance to hard impacts 
    • Coated body plates for superior rust protection

Color-coding, engraving or lock labels are some ways to emphaize and communicate the status of equipment maintenance. 

  • Color-Cording 
    • Improve visibility of lockout process
    • Suitable for larger organizations 
  • Engraving 
    • Easy and permanent to keep everything organized 
    • Such as engraving the department name or key code to make it easier to match the locks and keys together 
  • Lock Labels 
    • Useful for easier identification and organization
  • Keyed Different Padlocks 
    • Each padlock has its own unique key
    • No potential key duplication 
  • Keyed Alike Padlocks 
    • Each padlock can be opened with the same key 
    • Suitable for multiple locks assigned to one personnel 
  • Master Keyed Padlocks
    • Open all locks including Keyed Alike and Keyed Different Locks
    • Easily remove in any case of emergency 
    • Retain exclusive control, should be kept safe and accessible to higher management
  • Grand Master Keyed Padlocks 
    • Open all locks ground into 2 or more master keyed systems 
    • Suitable for larger teams that require multiple levels of supervisory access. 
    • Retain exclusive control, should be kept safe and accessible to higher management

An ideal lock-out tag-out program includes locks, tags, devices, and proper procedures, documentation, training, inspections, and other elements. 

By creating a standard, it will make orderation of new locks easier and faster as you will know the exact lock you need for your application.

Types of Padlocks

These are the commonly used padlocks, click here to see the full range.


We have a range of lightweight compact safety padlocks that are suitable for energy isolation programs. 

Its unique cylinder has been insulated to protect the users from any shocks. 

Compact safety padlocks are compact, lightweight, impact resistance, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. 

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With the preventive feature from the key-retaining padlocks, it will ensure that the key will not be removed until the padlock is fully closed. 

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The ideal padlock for your safety and security needs! It is light in weight, non-conductive, and tempering resistant.

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