Maintenance Made Easy


For Electrical Engineers

The wiring process can be tedious and time-consuming for electrical engineers. We want to make wiring simple and easy for you.

Learn how to step up your maintenance and reduce cost with OMRON’s Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks.

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Increase Productivity

With Easy Wire Insertion

At only an insertion force of 8N (Newton), our Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks are made easier than inserting an earphone jack. Terminal holes are designed to face forward for easy insertion, reducing wiring time up to 60%.

“Using our Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks is easier than inserting an earphone jack to your mobile”

Eliminates Retightening Work

Eliminates Retightening Work

OMRON’s advanced mechanism design and manufacturing technology allow low insertion force while ensuring a high pull-out force. This significantly reduces the need for retightening.

Correct Wiring Errors

The OMRON Push-In Terminal block is designed to allow wiring errors to be corrected faster than conventional screw terminal. Corrections can be done easily with one hand.

Correct Wiring Errors

Enhanced Wiring Flexibility

Wiring can be done with a wide range of wires, from stranded wires, ferrules to solid wires.

Enhanced Wiring Flexibility
Enhanced Wiring Flexibility

Resistant To Vibration

Conventional screw terminals need to be tightened to a specified torque during assembly. This process is time-consuming. Screw connections can also loosen under high levels of vibration during transportation or operation. With OMRON’s screwless Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks, retightening or re-torquing of components is no longer required. The pressure of the clamp spring holds the ferrule or wires securely, eliminating worries about any loosened screws due to device vibration.


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